BA BE Studies

BA/BE studies

      SCR offers

  1. Highest quality clinical services as per ethical norms.
  2. Successful bio-analytical method development and validation of even industry-challenging molecules.
  3. Finalizing the protocol and report as per the sponsor's specific requirements.
  4. Professional data management through validated processes and reporting services.
  5. Pharmacokinetic studies - Multiple dose studies - Food effect studies - Steady-state studies
  6. Clinical facility includes spacious subject housing units, segregated counseling and screening areas, closely monitored and frequently audited kitchen with approved meal plans from dietician.
  7. Bioavailability / Bioequivalence Studies carried out for of all therapeutic categories & classes of subjects, using in house SOPs developed as per ICH-GCP Guidelines, ICH E3 guideline.

Rescue Studies

SCR have capability to undertake number of clinical trials in different therapeutic area which had been started with other CROs/Sponsors elsewhere but did not meet out the expectations/targets.

SCR provide

  1. Experienced and large Investigator data which have good patient pool to speed up recruitment
  2. Site Coordinate by SCR staff who respond timely
  3. Fast set up of rescue model